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Trading leverage and protection against loss of funds, which is provided by a known and respected global insurer such as Adviva.
With our help you can only earn.
Probably every active investor will tell you that leverage is one of the most popular trading tools. It allows you to open large transactions with a relatively small investment, which essentially increases the strength of trading. The lever is a powerful tool that increases commercial strength. Thanks to our professional team of investors, we can guarantee high profits.
Knowledge is Our (and yours) key to success
At VixoBit Limited , we believe knowledge is a basic online investment tool. That is why we constantly participate in training, browse various information resources, detailed articles and tutorials to guarantee you high profits and professional service.
We are up to date with market novelties and constantly deepen our knowledge about the investment.

11% ежедневно в течение 11 дней
Планируемая сумма ($) Ежедневная прибыль (%)
План 1 $ 30,00 - $ 499,00 11,00

160% через 8 дней
Планируемая сумма ($) Прибыль (%)
План 2 $ 500,00 - $ 999,00 160,00

180 после 6 дней
Планируемая сумма ($) Прибыль (%)
План 3 $ 1000,00 - $ 1999,00 180,00

250% через 4 дня
Планируемая сумма ($) Прибыль (%)
План 4 $ 2000.00 - $ 100000.00 250.00

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